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Rude Girl Studio offers a range of classes, in a number of disciplines, for every ability. We host classes for pole, dance and all of the other skills you'll need to turn you into a fully, well rounded poler. Here you can find out a little bit more about what we have to offer, the details of all our classes, to help you figure out which class is right for you.

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Beginners Only Pole

If you're brand new to pole, then this class is for you. In these sessions you'll learn all the fundamentals of pole. The class will begin with a light warm up & some pole specific body conditioning, before moving on to learning a range of beginner friendly pole spins, tricks and poses; all whilst building strength and confidence in a supportive and empowering environment. This class is suitable for people with no previous experience whatsoever. If you have done pole before and already have your invert confidently, please book our Inter+ session.

Inter+ Pole

Pole fitness is a fitness trend that has been growing in popularity across the world, for obvious reasons. Pole is a full body workout; a great way to improve fitness, increase strength and build bags full of confidence. Classes start with a warm up and conditioning, crafted to prepare your body for the pole. We then move on to learning all the spins and tricks on the pole, catered and adapted to the individual level of skill and strength of each student. WE REQUIRE A PRE-REQUISITE OF AT LEAST A STRADDLE INVERT BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN OUR INTER+ POLE SESSIONS.

Beginner Heels

If you want to try out the dance based side of pole, but have no experience, then this class is for you. In this session you'll learn choreographed routines, featuring both pole dance and floorwork, all taught at a slower pace to make sure you have all the time you need to learn the moves. Explore your sensual side & become confident dancing with the pole. No previous experience is required for this session.

Mixed Ability Heels

In this dance based class, you'll learn choreographed routines consisting of both Pole Dance & Floorwork, along with some extra tricks and skills. This class is open to everyone, of all abilities. However, nervous beginners are advised to try out our Beginner Heels Class first.


Fooorwork is a dance class that is suitable for all levels and abilities. It involves a combination of slow and sensual movement along with tricks and spins choreographed to a range of music genres. Routines are adapted to fit the level of all students. Heels are optional and confidence is guaranteed.

Sensual Pole Dance

In this session you will be explore new choreography in a slinky, sensual style. We will be looking at flow elements and techniques, as well as embracing our own style of fluidity and sensuality in new pathways and controlled movements. This class is not suitable for students who are heels beginners, previous experience in heels is required.


This session is a time for you to practice everything you've learned in your other classes, to practice for shows and performances or any other things you may need to go over. You will have a pole entirely to yourself. An instructor will be on site to help you find everything you need and to ensure your safety, but will not be teaching during this session. *PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A TAUGHT SESSION*

1-2-1 Coaching

We offer private 1-2-1 (or small group) training, in all disciplines, for those who, for whatever reason, need that more focussed attention. If you’re just not quite confident enough to walk in to a group class, or you feel like your training has hit a brick wall then these sessions are perfect to give you our instructors complete focus and attention to get you into action. 

Please note, these classes are NOT availble to book via our online booking system. To book, please contact either your preferred instructor directly, or contact the studio via Instagram or Email.

Pole Combos

Take the moves you have learned and link them together! In this class we will be looking at combos up and around the pole, and how we can combine things you already know into smooth combinations, helping your endurance, strength and stamina. We require a prerequisite of an invert before joining this class. Please ask your instructor if you’re unsure.

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