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Rude Girl Studio offers a range of classes, in a number of disciplines, for every ability. We host classes for pole, dance and all of the other skills you'll need to turn you into a fully, well rounded pole queen. Here you can find out a little bit more about what we have to offer, the details of all our classes, to help you figure out which class is right for you.

Beginners Course

If you have no experience of pole whatsoever, then this course is for you. For 4 weeks you will learn a catalogue of beginner friendly tricks and spins, to get you off the ground and well on your way to kick starting your pole journey. 
The price of this course includes four weeks worth of beginner only sessions, and your very own starter pack, including progress tracker and pole grip, to make sure you have everything you could possibly need to get started.

Pole Fitness

Pole fitness is a fitness trend that has been growing in popularity across the world, for obvious reasons. Pole is a full body workout; a great way to lose weight, increase strength and build bags full of confidence.  
Classes start with a warm up and conditioning, crafted to prepare your body for the pole. We then move on to learning all the spins and tricks on the pole, catered and adapted to the individual level of skill and strength of each student.

Stretch & Flex

Ever described yourself as stiff as a board? Or have you always just wanted to be able to do the splits? Maybe you’re already training and feel like your body is sore and injured more often than you’d like? If any of this sounds familiar, then this class is the way forward. In this class you will be guided through various stretching techniques and exercises formulated to increase both your active and passive flexibility, regardless of whether you’re starting out as an already flexy queen or as a total beginner unable to touch their toes.

Erotic Pole Dance

Ever wanted to master the art of seduction? Nows your chance. In this dance class you will learn routines choreographed to a selection of sensual music, tailored to release your inner temptress and have you slinking around the pole, feeling the sexiest you’ve ever felt.


Want to get sexy but find the idea of having to even walk in heels a little bit overwhelming? This is your class. In these sessions you'll learn the art of seduction, without ever leaving the floor.

Heels & Heels Technique

Feel like even the sight of heels scares you? Feel like you’re walking around like Bambi on ice? Not for long. Without the added pressure of the pole, this dance class has been created to not only teach you confidence boosting, fierce heels routines, but also to teach you all of the techniques needed to walk, strut, dance and thrive in heels.

1-2-1 Coaching

We offer private 1-2-1 (or small group) training, in all disciplines, for those who, for whatever reason, need that more focussed attention. If you’re just not quite confident enough to walk in to a group class, or you feel like your training has hit a brick wall then these sessions are perfect to give you our instructors complete focus and attention to get you into action. 

Choreography for $trippers & Performers

Ever dread getting on stage at the club and end up walking around in circles? Repeating the same move over and over with no one watching? At Rude Girl Studio, we’re here to turn that dread into head turning shows that will sell you dances and make you tips. All created to your individual style and skill level. 
After your initial enquiry, we will ask that you send over your music choices, before beginning choreography on your routine. After this, we will arrange a day for you to come into our beautiful studio, to learn your routine & get you stage show ready. 
Please note, these bookings are by individual enquiry only and are not available via the booking system. Please use the contact form for enquiries of this nature.

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