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Real Experiences, Real Results



I can hand on heart say these classes are NOT to be missed. I first started attending Enya's classes in March 2022 and in 7 months I can hand on heart say I am a different dancer than when I first walked through those doors. From following her on socials, Enya has always been a massive inspiration to me as a dancer, so when I sae her classes I ran to the studio and it’s hands down one of the best things I have ever done. Enya provides routines that are challenging, that will push you as a dancer, however breaks everything down to the core. It is such a safe and supportive environment which immediately put me at ease to be able to train and grow. I have attended many classes as a dancer in training but never have I found a class where you get so much support. Whether it takes 2 minutes to explain or 10 minutes of repetition, Enya is more than happy to help with what you’re struggling with. Not only this, but the atmosphere is unmatched. The support in the room is phenomenal and I find myself leaving the studio with my jaw hurting from laughing and smiling the whole way through. I’ve always felt so welcome and supported and I don’t feel like the support ends in the studio as Enya has always supported and helped answer any of my questions outside of the class too. The new found confidence and skills I have learned from taking Enya's classes really has helped shape me into a better performer, and as a dancer who struggles with believing in herself I have always walked out of those classes feeling the most confident I have ever felt. With everything from the support, the drilling of technique, the bad bitch energy and friendships made, I now believe in myself more I ever have. What to expect from classes with Enya? Technique, sass, learning how to perform, bad ass bitch energy, full out routines, supportive and safe training environment and endless amount of laughs.

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